Access new revenue streams & sell your products & services 24/7

Smarta 24/7 is the online e-commerce marketplace that serves the pharmacy, healthcare, medical, veterinary, dental and the pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors across Africa.

    What is Smarta 24/7?

    Smarta 24/7 forging stronger connections between sellers and buyers.

    Connecting suppliers, manufacturers, and buyers on one platform! Make online buying easy and generate more revenue with pre-qualified buyers. Our online channel focuses purely on providing a pan-African e-commerce platform for SMEs, large enterprises to sell more of their products & services via the Smarta 24/7 ecosystem.

    The viable digital foothold – a way to continue doing business

    The single-source platform for selecting, updating, and buying professional products & services across Africa.

    In an ever-changing world, maintaining or even increasing revenue streams is a continuous battle. At Smarta 24/7 empower your sales teams with the industry tailored solution that supports and adapts to changing markets and customers faster and create new business models on demand.

    Facilitate your customers in the best possible way

    List. Sell. Deliver…

    With unique online access to pharmacy, healthcare, dental, veterinary and pharma manufacturing professionals across South Africa and beyond, Smarta24/7 gives suppliers a continent wide, direct-to-business, sales channel. List your products & services, Sell your products & services 24/7.

    • Upload your products via Smarta 24/7’s user friendly platform
    • Market your store
    • Sell your products
    • Deliver!

    Africa’s #1 E-commerce Marketplace

    Where qualified buyers meet leading suppliers and much, much more…

    Smarta 24/7 offers buyers the seamless, self-service experience of online with all the B2B functionality they demand and giving the seller the ability to profile unlimited products. Our subscriber base is full of buyers who are transforming the purchase route of equipment, products and solutions for their businesses. Smarta 24/7 also offers suppliers the conduit to find resellers and sales agents for territories outside of their local market

    A full scope ecosystem for all products and services

    The home of Africa’s healthcare, pharmacy and pharmaceutical, veterinary and dental products and services.

    If you have your products listed online or not, the Smarta 24/7 platform still applies to either answer. Buyers choose multi-vendor marketplaces over traditional e‑stores because of a wide product variety and better pricing, therefore, engaging an audience of buyers on a single-source platform where they can access suppliers and manufacturers in one place with 1000’s products delivers ROI, increased brand awareness, new or further online sales and a fresh income stream.

    There are no boundaries on enquiries and sales through the Smarta 24/7 platform. Smarta 24/7 gives you (the Seller) control to decide if you want to take enquires / orders from outside your local market or not. You control the markets in which your products can be sold in and you deal with the customer and business & transactions directly through the platform. We are just bringing you all together.

    Connecting sectors

    Connect with other industry sectors and sell your products on a wide scale, 24/7

    Smarta 24/7 gives you the ultimate cross-channel sales platform to sell your products and services. Extending your products in to all 5 sectors we cover is a click of a button away. Start profiling your products to further markets and understand how easy it is to gain new customers through the Smarta 24/7 ecosystem.

    Key Features

    Smarta 24/7 is packed with key features to increase your revenue.

    Sales analytics and reports

    Overview your sales and generate reports on your revenue whilst using Smarta 24/7

    Bulk product uploader

    Save time and upload all of your products in bulk, directly to Smarta 24/7

    Full control on shipments

    Fulfil and ship orders – send notifications to your customers through Smarta 24/7

    Multiple user accounts

    Access Smarta 24/7 with multiple user accounts

    Customer data storage

    Keep a record of your customers to target future marketing directly into their inbox

    Enquiry centre

    Keep on top of your enquiries through Smarta 24/7’s message hub

    Custom dashboards

    Create your own dashboards to gain insights tailored to your requirements

    Custom product categories

    Refine your product range to make it easier for your customers

    Advanced vendor insights

    Review your progress with Smarta 24/7’s advanced insights

    How it works

    Sign up to Smarta 24/7

    Select the package that best suits your needs or talk to one of our specialists who can advise on your next steps.

    Upload your products

    Upload your products to your vendor dashboard using our easy-to-use product uploader. Set pricing, upload imagery, set descriptions and start selling!

    Promote your store

    Tell your customers all about your very own Smarta 24/7 store and start selling!

    Don’t worry, our marketing team will do the rest, ensuring your products can be found anywhere on the internet.

    Start selling!

    Now sit back and watch the sales come in! Track your performance through your exclusive vendor dashboard and generate reports to monitor your stores progress.